About NEC

The Somaliland National Electoral Commission (NEC) is an independent statutory body set up to oversee and manage the holding of all elections at which voters have the opportunity to freely elect the officials who would represent and serve them. It organizes presidential, parliamentary, local elections and public referenda as well. As enshrined in its Constitution, elections are the cornerstone of Somaliland’s democratic governance and independence. Therefore, Somaliland’s NEC is the guardian of all those electoral processes.

nec mandate

Apart from the Constitution of the Nation, the Somaliland Elections & Voter Registration Act, (Law No. 91/2020) clearly defines the Mandate, roles and responsibilities of the National Electoral Commission of Somaliland. Therefore, it is concerned with:

  • Become a sustainable and institutionalized guardian of the Country’s Democratic System including the practice of fair, free and transparent elections:
  • As an independent and credible electoral management body, become dedicated to hold, strengthen and sustain the Somaliland electoral process as an integral element of its democratic progress.
  • Deliver free, fair and credible elections and promote sustainable electoral processes through professional and inclusive elections, voter registration and public referenda.